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World Economic Forum names Fluid Analytics a Top Innovator

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HCLTech Scaling Up Freshwater Initiatives: Roshni Nadar | Davos WEF 2024

World Economic Forum, Davos 2024

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Davos 2023: HCLTech's Roshni Nadar Malhotra Wants To Unlock 'Aquapreneurs'

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Solving Urban Water Pollution

Eliminate the impact of wastewater on the environment and public-health
- Predict System Failures And Plan Wastewater Interception And Diversion
- Monitor And Control Spills, Inflows, And Infiltrations


Ai Based Pipeline Inspections

Fluid Analytics’ has developed a unique artificial intelligence technology to automate defect detection in pipelines that routinely undergo visual inspections.

What is so unique about Fluid Analytics?

  • It is the only comprehensive ADR (automated defect recognition) software built on inspection data collected across multiple countries.
  • Our advanced machine-learning models are built on pipeline datasets that cover pipes at various stages of failure. Our cutting-edge data quality processes ensure you get the most accurate results.
  • Why do cities and utilities deploy Fluid Analytics?

  • Identify inflow and infiltration (I&I)
  • Prevent Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO)
  • Predict and prevent sewer system failures
  • Plan for interception and diversion to prevent combined sewer overflows (CSO)
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    Robotics and IoT for Pipeline and Waterway Monitoring

    A comprehensive solution encapsulating data capture devices such as multi-sensor robots, CCTV crawlers, and IoT sensors paired with Fluid Analytics’ ADR software provides an end-to-end solution for customers planning to launch pipeline inspection programs.

    Who benefits most from end-to-end services?

    Cities and Utilities planning to launch wastewater pipeline inspection programs, industries required to manage wastewater pipeline assets and control discharge into public wastewater networks, and civil engineering consulting companies see the most value from Fluid Analytics.

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    Public-Health Surveillance Through Wastewater-Based Epidemiology (WBE)

    A unique market leading solution incorporating a combination of automated sampling devices and wastewater-based epidemiology for monitoring the spread of water-borne diseases in emerging countries. High risk pathogens such as Hepatitis-A, Hepatitis-E, Norovirus, Rotavirus, Influenza, SARS-CoV-2, etc. can be monitored city-wide.

    What is so unique about Fluid Analytics?

    It is proven cost-effective solution for the early detection of infectious diseases. It helps public-health officials take a data-driven approach to deploying healthcare resources to the citizens that need it the most. Predicting outbreaks also helps ease the burden on limited urban healthcare systems.

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    Creating an impact across the world




    Assests Monitored


    Gallons of Spills Resolved


    Gallons of Urban Pollution Monitored


    Population monitored for Infectious Diseases


    Intelligent Monitoring For A Healthier Planet

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